Electrique, venerdì chiusura stagionale al Mandracchio con La Roboterie

Friday, June 24 2016 h23.30

Electrique | meets | LaRoboterie | 

► Mandracchio Season Closing Party
★ INGRESSO 5 EURO (con drink) till 01.00 ★

LaRoboterie is a techno queer project born in 2007 in Rome. In these 10 years has been the host of hundreds of events all across Italy and beyond with lots of guest from all around the globe. Music, video art, mapping, performances and an innate attitude to break the borders between genders. No rules, only the will to share the dance floor dancing and sweating to the beats. During the years we have seen on stage friends and musicians sharing with them the console, Peaches, Gold Panda, Junior Boys, Kraftwerk, Aerea Negrot, Ellen Allien, Spiral Tribe, Heretik System, Nonem, Kernel Panik, Stereoheroes, We Love, Popof, Mustard Pimp, Kid606, Adriano Canzian, The Oddword, Nd Baumecker and Boris from Berghain-Berlin, Colby B and many others. In Italy LaRoboterie works in different cities, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Neaples and many many others. Wandering through all Italy from south to north, from the coast to the islands and mixing the deepest techno to some electro beats, acid drifts and downtempo, sophisticated rhythms and melancholic melodies. Queer performances where sexuality is a complex world made of everyone tastes, no limits in expressing ourselves, no limits in the freedom of being whatever everyone wants.

★ LaRoboterie Guest Dj

► St.RoboTLaRoboterie

★ Electrique Family Djs

► DSD as DADO ★vs★ Mario Dee | Electrique 

► Giuseppe Rossi | OH MY GOD / Electrique

★ warm up ★
►JOHN PURPUREO| Electrique

★Electrique Visuals by:
► Artelettronica

★ Supported by ★




Only Alternative & High Quality Electronic Music
Intensive Sound System 
Intensive Light_Video & Laser Show 
Only Positive & Smiling People
NO abuse
YES Respect & Politeness

// Info: 

Apertura cancelli h. 23.30


::: IN LISTA ::: 5 EURO ::: (compreso drink)
::: entro le ore 00.30 :::

dopo le ore 01
10 euro (compreso drink)

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